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Pam Goddard

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My Story

My name is Pam Goddard and I've been working in the fashion and textiles industry for over 30 years. I started at Next Retail Ltd as a menswear fashion designer and later became a secondary teacher in Art, Design & Technology and Textiles.

I've always loved textiles and since the pandemic believe the pressures of our busy lifestyles can really benefit from some time out in restorative practices. I have a large selection of workshops available to run with a real emphasis on student mindfulness and positivity. Workshops vary in time and scale and and all materials are supplied in my kit bags and boxes.

I also offer staff wellness workshops which I've called 'Cherry Bites". These can be integrated into staff training and focus on team building, mindfulness or restoring positivity to the workforce. 

One thing I'm passionate about is that you leave my workshops with a sense of fulfilment, either from the new skill you have learned or the feeling of connection with your fellow students.


I'm always looking for new venues to host my workshops!

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